Monthly Archive: July 2016


“Hop, Step & Finally Jump(?)!”

– Let’s Etch this Ambition in Our Country’s ‘Score-Card’ From Major Dhyan Chand, one of the greatest hockey players the world has seen and Milkha Singh, the Flying Sikh, to Vishwanathan Anand, amongst the most skillful chess players of our times, India has produced many a legendary sportsperson. Of late, many...


Brexit, An Opportunity for India- The Dynamics at work

Post Brexit – the Emerging Scenario Since my last essay, the initial dust over the Brexit storm has settled. While analysts are still divided over what Brexit’s impact on the world might be, the doomsayers have somewhat mellowed down. The new world political and economic landscape will not get redefined...


Bedroom Shenanigans of the Elderly Kind

About the Author: Mr K C Verma is a former Chief of the R&AW “There it is! There it is!” screamed my wife, as she quickly climbed onto the bed. I too jumped up from my chair and awkwardly clambered on to the writing table. In my hurry, I stepped on...