Finding Meaning in your Passion


If you have a passion, seize the moment.

It is all too easy to put off, delay, procrastinate and wait for the ‘right moment’ – for the children to grow up, for a quiet spell at work, for your business targets to be right on track, for a pay rise, a promotion. All these are excuses, usually invented to remain in one’s comfort zone and avoid embracing change. Whether your passion is body building, fitness or anything else, it is important not to lose sight of it as it is that passion that enriches our life, gives it meaning, and helps our soul soar to a higher plane.

When I began my career, I found myself neglecting my early passion for bodybuilding because my responsibilities to my immediate family, and company were too pressing. Everything conspired to crowd out my passion. I found a solution – I built a basic gym at home so that I could pursue my passion without being away from my loved ones.

Allocating a space and buying some equipment was ‘a’ solution’ – in this case quite an easy one at that – but not ‘the’ solution. It is usually much harder. You have to make the time. You have to find the will and the energy. You have to manage priorities. There may be some trade-offs as well. You need to make the right – and often difficult – choices. There will be some pain around it. It will take hard work. But if you’re going to do it, do it now because there is never a ‘right moment’.

Of course, doubts will assail you. Your mind will be in conflict. Should I focus on doing well in the world and earning my living instead? Surely the idea of devoting yourself to a purpose that transcends your own narrow perspective is a luxury that only other, more fortunate people, can afford?

I have realized (in a ‘eureka’ moment during a workout) that there need not be any conflict in our daily chores and our desire to make a difference to the world. They are not silos. They are not incompatible. They can be convergent. I don’t need to have retired to spend a day doing what I love. An activity that gives a purpose to your existence, earning a living, routine chores, family responsibilities, social duties – these can all be pursued concurrently.

One of my abiding convictions has been that finding a passion not only invigorates you and leads you down the path of self-discovery, it allows you to observe yourself with a kind of detached awareness and look at everything around you with a greater sense of empathy. Further, as you quietly work on yourself – your direct area of control – you find that the area of influence starts to expand and inspire people around you.

Physical development is pointless if limited to the body, to the exterior; it is only one side of the coin. People need to realize that physical development has to turn inwards, into ones mind and soul, so that one can tap them to pursue causes beyond oneself. The first step to helping transform others– and making the world a better place – is to transform yourself, first.

In todays world, where people looking for instant gratification encouraged by visual of ‘Six Packs’ from the world of glamour, would rather risk taking harmful steroids than put in the sweat & rigor. It’s further facilitated by unscrupulous trainers and gyms focused on making a quick buck on account of innocent clients.

I am of a steadfast conviction that if one works with honesty of purpose and sincerity, one is bound to achieve unparalleled success. Thus, I am sure that the handful of people who have been already inspired for drug-free transformation, leading to a holistic lifestyle shall grow by the day.

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