It’s All about Love!

Every year, just before Valentine’s Day, newspapers, radio channels, social media, TV and markets are full of heart-shaped candy boxes, roses, and diamonds for “that special someone” – a romantic love.

Legend has it that St. Valentine’s Day was intended to celebrate a priest who was so kind-hearted and such a devout Christian that he was declared a saint. Historically, his day had nothing to do with romance.  Then, in the 14th century came Geoffrey Chaucer, a poet and an emotional fellow who thought there needs to be a reminder to one and all to affirm love at least once a year and proceeded to turn St. Valentine’s Day into a celebration of romantic love.

Ohm & Zen Love

By the 15th century, it had evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers. And of course from a humble beginning, it is now a multibillion dollar industry centered on giving gifts and making your loved one feel special in different “out-of-the-box” ways.

In America, marketing firms just can’t seem to get enough of this day. After all, few other occasions send their cash registers ringing so fervently. And Indians have taken to it like fish to water and have lapped up to celebrating it with equal gusto. But as much as it is celebrated, it is also criticized.  But why? Shouldn’t we welcome any and every occasion to celebrate Love? In fact, if there is anything worth celebrating then it definitely is Love!

Love is the purest of emotion, which has kept the world on an even keel.  In this era of exigencies when each one is part of one rat race or the other it’s an imperative to find as many occasions as possible, where one can take some time out to profess one’s love.

Each one of us have a unique way of expressing Love for our life long partner, some do it in a ‘straight jacketed way’, some will be more imaginative or innovative (buzz word of the decade) to please the love their life. It can be a great way to reflect on the blessings you have shared together, how your love has grown and what you pledge to do in the future. And if Valentine’s Day gives you that opportunity, so be it.

And honestly, if you ask me, Valentine’s Day is really about love in every sense of the word. Love between parent and child, between siblings, between friends, teachers and love in the highest form, for the supreme God (something that I will address about in another essay). So I feel, on Valentine’s Day, we should celebrate love in all its hues and colours. Don’t take one another for granted. Express love in its purest form which transcends the love which transactional. Understand and acknowledge that we grow more valuable to one another as time passes. Shouldn’t we have a sense of gratitude that we have people who love us and people we love? Shouldn’t we celebrate an emotion that powers our best intentions and leads to our greatest happiness?


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